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All types of medical assistance, direct service on

board and in affiliated medical centers. We will

be at your disposal at any time.

Image by Alexandr Podvalny

When it comes to providing medical care on yachts, both to guests and crew, a well-prepared approach is vital to ensure safety and an effective response to any health-related incidents at sea. First of all, it is essential to have a well-stocked medical kit on board, adapted to the specific needs of the people on board and the duration and nature of the journey. Basic first aid and CPR training for all crew members is also critical, as immediate action can be crucial. For more complex medical situations, many yachts subscribe to telemedicine services, which offer remote consultations with healthcare providers. In regions where this is available, the integration of technologies such as satellite phones or Internet-based communication platforms can facilitate timely medical advice. Furthermore, it is prudent to have a clear and well-structured medical emergency plan that includes information on the nearest ports with medical facilities and procedures for medical evacuation, if necessary. This comprehensive approach ensures that both guests and crew are adequately supported in any medical emergency at sea.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Porto Cervo, Sardinia, is a prime destination for superyacht owners seeking not only luxury and beauty, but also peace of mind when it comes to healthcare and medical services. For medical care, superyacht owners and guests can rely on several high-quality options. The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda often provides referrals and assistance to members and visitors who require medical assistance. In case of emergency, the nearby Port Clinic, equipped with modern facilities and English-speaking staff, caters specifically for tourists and yacht guests. Furthermore, for more specialized treatments, Olbia Hospital can be reached with a short journey by helicopter or ambulance. It is advisable that captains and crew establish connections with local medical services as part of itinerary planning to ensure quick and efficient healthcare access if required.

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