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Technical Support

Our technical experience and first-hand knowledge of superyacht operation allow us to provide comprehensive technical support at any stage of a yacht’s operation.Yacht technical support encompasses a broad range of services designed to ensure that yachts operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently. This support covers various aspects, including mechanical and electrical systems maintenance, navigation equipment troubleshooting, and software updates for onboard technology. Specialists in yacht technical support are skilled in diagnosing and fixing issues, from engine problems to advanced electronic systems malfunctions. They also advise on best practices for regular maintenance and can provide emergency assistance when necessary. With the complexity of modern yachts, incorporating advanced marine technology and luxurious amenities, the role of technical support has become increasingly vital. It ensures that yacht owners and their guests enjoy seamless experiences at sea, prioritizing safety and comfort.


Technical Consulting and Assistance​

BYS Europe management provides technical advice and support to ensure the operation of your yacht is smooth, effective and safe. We provide troubleshooting and maintenance assistance, refit consultancy and regulatory compliance support. Our highly experienced support team can offer practical, regulatory compliant solutions.


Repair and  Servicing

The BYS Europe technical support team is available to help with routine and non-routine maintenance issues, technical questions, as well as providing emergency assistance. The team is available 24/7.

  • Repair and  Servicing to Engines, Generators, Watermakers, Air Conditioning

  • Warranty Services

  • Spare Parts


Winter Storage

At BYS Europe we create customized service solutions for yacht owners who decide to store their boats with us during the winter and want to ensure that their boat is ready for the start of the spring season without having to worry or spend time with the boat during the winter.

BYS Europe provides nautical assistance in the luxurious locations of Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo and Poltu Quatu offers unparalleled services for yacht owners. Located along the stunning Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, these ports are not only gateways to the breathtaking waters of the Mediterranean, but also centers of expert maritime support. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, BYS offers state-of-the-art facilities and trained technicians to ensure each yacht is in tip-top condition. Furthermore, you will have complete logistical support, including docking, refueling and crew services and much more. Our marine assistance provides everything you need for a smooth and luxurious sailing experience.

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