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BYS Europe has a team expert in

superyacht Crew recruitment and

capable to assist in every

department and in every level from

Captain to Deckhand. We

interview each candidate who

applies or registers with our

agency with the same care and

attention, regardless of their age,

gender or nationality. We assure

equal opportunities to the

positions available based purely on

candidate qualifications and ability

to fill the identified role.

Image by Danilo Capece

BYS Europe stands as a premier agency dedicated to the recruitment of yacht crew in the Canary Islands and Italy, serving as a crucial bridge between luxury yachts and the skilled professionals who operate them. This agency understands the unique requirements of the yachting industry, offering tailored solutions that match the right crew with the right yacht. With a deep understanding of the specific skills and certifications needed for various positions aboard, from captains and engineers to chefs and stewards, BYS Europe prides itself on its ability to ensure that every yacht is staffed with personnel that not only meet but exceed expectations. Operating in the picturesque locales of the Canary Islands and Italy, they provide an invaluable service that supports the seamless operation of luxury yachting experiences in these premier destinations, making them a key player in the maritime recruitment field.

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