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BYS Europe is honored to assist you and your guests, whenever you need transportation by

land, sea or air. Our services include all forms of transportation, including private charters,

jet and helicopter services, limousine services, rental cars.


Luxury Cars

BYS Europe organizes transfers in Italy and Europe with a large fleet of vehicles and qualified drivers. Book your transfer online.Renting a chauffeur-driven luxury car for yacht guests offers a high level of comfort and convenience that complements the opulent experience of a yacht trip. When selecting a service, it is essential to choose a reliable provider that offers a fleet of high-end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi, ensuring that the style and luxury of the car matches the prestige of the yacht experience. The driver also plays a crucial role, not only in navigating the roads, but in providing a discreet and professional service that respects guests' privacy and preferences. This service can be especially useful for seamless transportation to and from the yacht to nearby attractions, restaurants or business meetings, enhancing the overall guest experience by providing smooth, hassle-free travel in comfort and style.

Image by Chris Leipelt

Private Jet

Image by Yaroslav Muzychenko

If you want to get to your Yacht quickly and want to enjoy a luxury trip, for care-seekers, families and friends looking for a quality living experience, private jets offer a personalized and hassle-free travel experience. stress. BYS finds the best solutions, you just have to pack your bags.Luxury private jet transfers offer an unrivaled level of comfort, privacy and convenience for the most discerning traveller. Opting for a private jet transfer means avoiding the usual hassles of commercial airports, including long security lines and crowded terminals. Instead, passengers can enjoy the luxury of arriving minutes before their flight at a private terminal, where they can often walk straight to their plane. Inside, private jet cabins are designed with superior craftsmanship and can be customized to suit the traveler's tastes and needs, offering everything from high-speed Wi-Fi and gourmet dining to plush seating and cutting edge entertainment. systems. This mode of travel is not just about luxury but also about efficiency, as it allows passengers to quickly visit multiple destinations or change their itinerary at a moment's notice. For business or pleasure, private jet transfers are the epitome of high-end travel.

Image by Walter Gaspar
Image by Austin Neill

Luxury helicopter transfers offer an unrivaled level of comfort and prestige, transforming ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences. Ideal for high-profile executives, celebrities or anyone looking to avoid the hassles of ground transportation, helicopter transfers offer a quick, scenic and private travel option. These amenities often feature sumptuously furnished interiors, ensuring comfort is paramount and often include amenities such as climate control, leather seats and noise-canceling headphones. Additionally, helicopter transfers can be a time-efficient choice for reaching remote or congested areas, offering a bird's eye view that is both breathtaking and practical. Whether taking a newlywed couple to their honeymoon destination or providing a timely shuttle for a crucial business meeting, helicopter transfers embody luxury travel at its most dynamic.

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A yacht tender service plays a crucial role in enhancing the luxury yachting experience, providing not only a practical function in transporting guests and crew to and from the yacht when anchored offshore, but also adding an element of convenience and style. These tenders are often equipped with high-end amenities and are designed to complement the aesthetics of the main yacht. They can range from powerful motorboats to sophisticated sailing dinghies, each selected based on the size of the yacht, the waters navigated, and the specific needs and preferences of the yacht owner. The service is integral for activities such as exploring shallow waters where larger yachts cannot travel, making trips to the shore for leisure or supplies, and serving as a platform for water sports and other recreational activities. Providing a seamless, comfortable, and efficient service, yacht tenders ensure that all logistical aspects of a yachting journey are handled with elegance and ease.

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