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A Guide for Yacht Captains Navigating Southern Corsica

Melissa Vinchesi

6 jun 2024

This guide covers the essentials for navigating in Corsica

A Guide for Yacht Captains Navigating Southern Corsica

Southern Corsica offers breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and a variety of mooring options for yacht captains. This guide covers the essentials for navigating in this beautiful region, including Bonifacio, Sant'Amanza mooring field, and Cavallo Island.

**1. Bonifacio**


Bonifacio, located on the southern tip of Corsica, is renowned for its dramatic cliffs and medieval town. The harbor is well-protected and offers a range of facilities.


- **Coordinates:** 41°23'28.8"N 9°09'24.0"E

- Approach from the south or southeast, as the western coast is rocky and less accessible.

- The entry into Bonifacio harbor is narrow and can be challenging, particularly in strong winds or heavy traffic. Proceed with caution and keep an eye on ferry traffic.


- **Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio:** The marina offers 400 berths with full services including water, electricity, and fuel. Booking in advance is recommended during the peak season (June to September).

- **Anchorage:** Limited anchorage options outside the marina. Anchor only in designated areas to avoid damaging the seabed and ensure safe holding.


- Restrooms and showers

- Wi-Fi

- Shops, restaurants, and bars

- Technical services and repairs


- Visit the old town and the citadel for a taste of history and stunning views.

- Be mindful of the strong Mistral winds that can affect the southern coast.

**2. Sant'Amanza Mooring Field**


Sant'Amanza Bay, located to the east of Bonifacio, is a tranquil spot with excellent protection from most winds. It’s ideal for a peaceful anchorage.


- **Coordinates:** 41°25'00.0"N 9°13'00.0"E

- Enter the bay from the south, avoiding the rocks and shallow areas marked on nautical charts.


- **Mooring Field:** The bay has a field of mooring buoys. It is advisable to use these buoys to protect the seabed and to ensure secure mooring.

- **Anchorage:** If buoys are not available, anchor in the sandy areas with good holding. Avoid posidonia meadows to protect the marine environment.


- Limited facilities are available, so ensure you have sufficient provisions.

- Nearby beaches are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.


- Check the local regulations for mooring and anchoring to avoid fines.

- Enjoy the serene environment, but be prepared for sudden weather changes.

**3. Cavallo Island**


Cavallo Island is part of the Lavezzi Archipelago and offers an exclusive and secluded experience. The island is privately owned, but certain areas are accessible to visitors.


- **Coordinates:** 41°22'50.0"N 9°15'00.0"E

- Approach from the west or northwest, navigating carefully through the rocky surroundings.


- **Port of Cavallo:** A small marina with limited berths. Booking in advance is essential due to the high demand and limited space.

- **Anchorage:** Designated anchorage areas are available, but be cautious of the protected marine zones.


- Basic services including water and electricity.

- Restaurants and a small shop.

- Luxury accommodations and a golf course for those who wish to indulge.


- Respect the privacy of the island’s residents and the protected natural environment.

- Explore the nearby islands and the natural reserve for an unforgettable experience.

General Tips for Navigating Southern Corsica

- **Weather:** Always check the weather forecast before setting sail. The region can experience strong winds and sudden weather changes.

- **Charts and Navigation:** Use updated nautical charts and GPS for safe navigation. The coast is rocky and can be challenging to navigate.

- **Communication:** Maintain regular contact with local maritime authorities for updates on mooring availability and local regulations.

- **Respect for the Environment:** Southern Corsica is home to protected marine areas. Follow guidelines to minimize your environmental impact, such as using mooring buoys instead of anchoring in sensitive areas.

By following this guide, yacht captains can enjoy the stunning beauty and diverse mooring options that Southern Corsica has to offer. Safe sailing!

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